Mugenkai Istanbul

Mugenkai is the only name of Aikido and Iaido Training system in Turkey. 無限, Mugen means infinity; 会, Kai means Assembly/School; 無限会, Mugenkai means “School of infinity”. The dojos bound to organisation which its roots is established at 1999 in Eskisehir, was located many cities in Turkey.

The aim of Mugenkai is to teach basic and advanced technics of both Aikido and Iaido to everyone participates in our system, to give martial arts (武道, budo) discipline, To give awareness to observe his/herpersonal development and to be companion (弟子, deshi) in this long journey.

Mugenkai is a widely open system, everybody should be able to get the opportunity to train. The training is given equally to everyone without distinction of race, language, religion, nationality or education.

Aikido is given in Aikikai system following Nobuyoshi Tamura (R.I.P. 2010). All operations are in accordance with the laws and rules of the federation and the certificates given are approved by the Federation (TWF) (and also Aikikai certificate is given if requested due to its commemorative value). The whole training is given by experienced instructors in all over Turkey, under supervision of Sezgin Burak Azak Sensei (5th dan).

Iaido is given in Mugai Ryu Meishi Ha system following Niina Toyoaki Gyokudo Soke. The training is given by Sezgin Burak Azak sensei, under supervision of Luciano Morgenstern sensei (6th dan). Mugenkai is bound to Japan and European Federation and the given certificates are approved by these federations. Mugenkai is the only representative of Mugai Ryu Meishi Ha in Turkey.