Yagyū Shinkage ryū 柳生新陰流

Yagyū Shinkage ryū 柳生新陰流 was founded by Yagyū Munetoshi in mid 16th century, and specializes in kenjutsu (swordsmanship).

The school is one of the most renowned in Japanese swordsmanship. In part due to some of it’s famous headmasters (Munenori and Yubei) and the fact they were one of the two schools who taught fencing to the Tokugawa-shoguns.


Currently Yagyū Shinkage ryū Yagyū-kai is located in Aichi, Japan and is led by Yagyū Koichi (22nd generation headmaster and successor to the school)

The founder of Shinkage ryū (Kamiizumi Nobutsuna, who) bequeathed the school to his greatest student, Yagyū Munetoshi, who added his own name to the school.

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