Meifu Shinkage ryū was founded by Someya Chikatoshi the ’50’s of the last century and specializes in small hidden weapons (onkenjutsu) and most specifically in throwing spikes (shurikenjutsu).

The school is one of only three schools in Japan that specializes mainly in shurikenjutsu (the other being Shirai ryū and Negishi ryū). Other weapon arts can have shuriken in their curriculum, but is often only a small part of it.


Currently Meifu Shinkage ryū is located in Tokyo, Japan and the school is lead by Otsuka Yasuyuki soke (2nd generation headmaster and successor of the school).

The founder Someya studied Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū (a classical weapon-art) under Sugino Yoshio. Here he learned, among other disciplines, the shurikenjutsu of this school. This shurikenjutsu was the foundation of Someya-sensei’s Meifu Shinkage ryū shurikenjutsu.

The following three disciplines are taught in Meifu Shinkage ryū:

  • Shurikenjutsu 手裏剣術 (throwing 16cm long metal spikes)
  • Fundō kusari jutsu 分銅鎖術 (chain fighting techniques)
  • Shōken jutsu しょう剣術 (close combat techniques with a shuriken)

The students are graded according to a kyū/dan-grade system. (read more about the exam requirements)

Kochōkai has been an official keikokai (traninggroup) of Meifu Shinkage ryū since 2012 and weekly classes are taught by Arjan F. Tervoort.

Kochōkai has several options for training Meifu Shinkage ryū. Click on the links for more information.