Kochōkai was founded in 2011 with the aim to encourage and support the practice of koryū bujutsu (classical martial arts).

Kamakura Budokan

Koryū bujutsu means all martial arts that originated before the modernization of Japan. The year 1868 is often used for the date of this modernization. Befor this date the Japanese caste system existed with the samurai as a military caste. Unfortunately the interest in koryū bujutsu in Japan is decreasing with each generation, but is a very important cultural heritage. More and more schools are also practiced outside Japan. These practitioners are welcome to train at Kochōkai’s open-practice hours.

Kochōkai literally means butterfly association/meeting. In Japan the butterfly is symbol of the soul. They are regarded as symbols of joy and long life.

Inspired by Kamakura Budokan (Public Sports Hall for martial-arts in the Japanese city of Kamakura), Kochōkai makes use of an old concept rejuvenated. Kamakura Budokan offers any budōka a place for 2 hours “rent” in one of the rooms. They can train for themselves or in a group. In a spontaneous way groups and classes are created that meet regularly to train.

Kochōkai offers several possibilities to train:

  • Practice for koryū budōka on open traininghours
  • Weekly classes in several budō disciplines
  • Room for study-groups of koryū bujutsu

Besides the weekly training, Kochōkai also organises museumtrips, workshops, seminars en demonstrations on a regular basis.

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