Kochōkai is (besides a place of weekly training and instruction in martial arts) also a center where budo can be shared and experiences outside one ones tradition or school. This is done by organizing several events during the year:

  • Keikokai 稽古会 (trainingmeetings)
  • Gasshuku 合宿 (trainingsseminars with guest teachers)
  • Shinsa  検査 (examinations)
  • Embu 演武 (demonstrations)
  • Taikai 会 (large meetings)

The following events were held in 2012: click here

The following events were held in 2013: click here

The following events will be held in 2014:

  • Hatsu-keiko 初稽古 – Saturday January 4th
  • Mugai ryū keikokai met Luciano Morgenstern – Weekend of January 4th and 5th
  • Workshop Mugai ryū iaidō – Sunday February 9th
  • Workshop Meifu Shinkage ryū shurikenjutsu – Sunday February 9th
  • Workshop Mugai ryū kenjutsu – Sunday March 23rd
  • Workshop Meifu Shinkage ryū shurikenjutsu – Sunday March 23rd
  • Wagashi and chakai – n.t.b.
  • Kasumi Shintō ryū keikokai by Fred Quant – n.t.b.
  • Zomer BBQ 2014 – n.t.b.
  • Open huis weekend – n.t.b.
  • Studiedag Japanse zwaarden – n.t.b.
  • Meifu Shinkage ryū kōshūkai 2014 – n.t.b.
  • Laatste training van het jaar: ōsōji – n.t.b.