Maurizio Feliziani

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Maurizio Feliziani, was born in 1949 and approaches sports at the age of 14 practicing wrestling (Greek/Roman fight).

At the beginning of the 70’s he began his Martial Arts training, with Kung Fu, but unfortunately it didn´t represent his own consciousness. The turning point came in the mid 70’s, when he met the charismatic Renzo Turchi a, Karate Gojo-Ryu great Sensei. Together they started learning Shito-Ryu Karate, thanks to Ibo-Muneachi Sensei, student of Mabuni Sensei, founder of the Shito-Ryu.

Iaido Roma

The years went by and frequent trips to Japan, along Turchi Sensei, Maurizio discovered and started to love Mugai Ryu Iai-Do. His passion brought him lots of satisfaction in every field. After a friendly separation from Turchi, he was confirmed at National level in Karate, and is called in 1986 to lead the youth team of the Italian National Police in Kumite and Kata. In the meantime, he managed 5 Karate Shito-Ryu Dojos in Rome, organizing also internships at National level.

With the passing of the years Maurizio was fully dedicated to the sporting development of Flavio Feliziani, today 3° Dan and now co-founder of the GKAI association with old faithful and new students. In 2006 Maurizio Feliziani, reunites with Turchi Sensei, who was in charge for the Mugairyu in Europe under Fujimura Sensei. In 2007 Maurizio gained the IV° Dan in Mugai Ryu. Disastrously in 2009 Turchi Sensei died, and Maurizio lost his guide, but kept studying Iai-do. His passion was still there, so he participated at international events and meeting new Sensei, including Maurizio Palombi Sensi, (member of the Zen Ken Ren, great expert of Modern Setei Kata) with whom he studied few techniques of Battodo and Kyudo.

Mugairyu Roma

Nowadays Feliziani established the Iai-Do Academy Italia, that merged with the ASD GKAI. In June 2013 he was very happy to join the Mugairyu Europe Federation under Luciano Gabriel Morgenstern with his Academy and is now the representive of Meishi Ha Mugai Ryu under Niina Soke for all Italy.

With this new international experience Maurizio Feliziani sees great opportunity for his schools and feels honored for this massive recognition from Niina Soke.