Iaido Academy Italia

Mugai Ryu Iaido in Roma, Italy

The Iaido Academy was founden by Maurizio Feliziani in 2012, with the aim of sharing the Mugai Ryu (already known but not widely practiced from the Iaidoka) and studying the origins of Mugai Ryu in all the aspects.

Mugairyu Italia

The study includes the Philosophy of the art of the sword, so a development of the student in accomplish himself, and respecting everyone and everything, in the daily life and in the training, using an essential tool, like the Zen, where the student find the right concentration.

At the Academy, you don’t only study the teorical part, but also the concrete part of the magnificent art, the Kata, the Kenjutsu, all the fighting form, and olso other Iaido style, so the student can have , a bigger vision of this wonderful art, but always faithful to Mugai Ryu.

The Academy today, is an official member and the only representative of the Mugai Ryu Europe Federation, with ahead Sensei Luciano Gabriel Morgenstern, official delegate of the Meishi Ha of the Niina Soke Sensei, Leader of the Mugai Ryu.