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We teach Kung Fu Toa and Tai Chi Chen style as weaponless martial arts in our Dojo in Cologe. While Kung Fu Toa is an external martial art focussing development of mind and body, excessive physical training and self defense, Hun Yuan Chen style is an inner martial art setting more importance to meditative training with Qi, relaxed movements and inner calmness. This separation is not really a separation but more a matter of emphasis, since Tai Chi is a real martial art as well if it´s properly applicated and Kung Fu Toa also works with the Qi flow and brings inner calmness.

Kung Fu Toa

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Kung Fu Toa Köln

Kung Fu Toa is a unique Kung Fu style with focus mind and body development. It is a comprehensive martial art and is divided in 7 lines. All of these resemble the grade of the students and are bound to a form (Kata) and a concrete martial arts principle. Next to the multitude of arm-techniques, are the various kicks a trademark of Toa style Kung Fu, especially in higher lines of the system. Kung Fu Training contents are forms, fighting and meditation.


Hun Yuan Tai Chi Chen Stil

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Hunyuan Chen-Stil Tai Chi Chuan is an outstanding inner martial art, which combines the authentic art of Chen-style Tai Chi with Life Energy Cultivation (Qi-Gong) and important elements from Xinyiquan. This Tai Chi style emphasizes effortlessness and softness of technique, which is carried out spirally and promotes the flow of Qi (Life Energy). In our Tai Chi classes we teach Tai Chi forms, Qi Gong and Tui Shou (applications).