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Meditation Köln

The meditation is the key factor in the Kung Fu Toa and general martial arts philosophy after master Sarafnia. He stresses integrated thinking without focussing on the own person or ego.

The philosphy of martial arts and Kung Fu Toa, the way I learned from master Sarafnia is strongly connected to the mythology of Simurgh (phoenix), sufism, as well as buddhistic and taoistic ways.

Following the principle: “Know yourself and you will know god (or the world, universe, etc.). So recognize yourself!”, everything is about the inner understanding and cognition as well as developing yourself.

Mugai Ryu Iaido Köln - Tenshinkai Dojo

The Simurgh is the phoenix of the persian mythology and Zoroatrism and symbolizes the struggle for elaboration. He is an insign for the student who himself is on the way to self-awareness.

Kung Fu Köln - Kampfkunst in Köln

So the way of Kung Fu Toa is the way to find the truth in yourself and can be practised by everybody regardless of nationality, belief, philosophy, religion or gender. Meditation is a crucial aspect of the training and is practised after every exercise. The body is the fundament of the mind and both should be brought in unison.

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