Martial Arts for Children in Cologne

Exercise,fun,coordination and more

Kindertraining - Kinderkurse Köln

In or Childrens-Courses, children are brought into the world of martial arts in a playful and authentic way. Specially in todays society children suffer from imbalance and lack of exercise.

We offer the following courses in Cologne Nippes:


Samurai Kids

Stick- and swordfighting for children


Almost every child is fascinated bei martial arts, specially sword and stick fighting. And for a good reason! It seams to lie in childrens nature to play with sticks and play fight with each other. The martial arts of the samurai is a very essential form of fighting and the use of body movement. The children get a basic understanding of how to use there bodies and minds. In the same time they learn how to deal with stress situations and achieve a feeling for potential aggression and discipline.


Kung Fu Kids

Kung Fu for children in Cologne Nippes

Kung Fu Kids Köln

During the Kung Fu Kids Training the children are brought into the world of Kung Fu in a children friendly way. The shaping of body and soul is achieved through a balance of fun and a basic measure of discipline. The children learn gymnastics, fall school, acrobatics, coaching mitt, forms, free fight, conscious breathing school and meditation.