COVID-19 Dojo-break

Our online-training schedule

Liebe Schüler,

We prepared training-videos on YouTube and set fixed Zoom-online-trainings.

Training-videos on Youtube

Here are our training-videos on Youtube:

We also offer some videos only visible to members, if you need the link, please contact us.



Here are the schedules for our Zoom-trainings from the different European Dojos. If you want to join a training, please send a message to the corresponding dojo-leader.

Tenshinkai Dojo Köln

Tosei Ryu 19.00 Uhr
Mugai Ryu / Nito Ryu 20.00 Uhr
Philosophie/Meditation/Theorie 21.30 Uhr

Kung Fu Kids Jugend (8 Jahre und älter) 18.00 Uhr

Kung Fu Kids Kinder (unter 8 Jahre) 17.00 Uhr
Samurai Kids 18.00 Uhr
Tai Chi 19.00 Uhr
Kung Fu Toa 20.30 Uhr

Kung Fu Kids Kinder (über 8 Jahre) 18.00 Uhr

Tenshinkai Dojo Düsseldorf

Montag 19.00 Uhr
Donnerstag 19.00 Uhr

Tenshinkai Dojo Hamburg

Dienstag 20.00 Uhr

Bei Interesse

Kochokai Dojo Haarlem

Sonntag 19.00