Kung Fu Toa

The forms of Kung Fu Toa aim to strengthen mind and body by demanding power, endurance and elegance.

Mugai Ryu

Traditional, japanese swordfighting from Samurai with Katana for cultivating mind and body.

Mugai Ryu

Kung Fu Kids

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Tai Chi

An inner martial art combining energy cultivation with soft, as well as dynamic forms.

Tai Chi Köln

Genko Nito Ryu

An effective new style focusing on fighting and applicability, developed by Niina-Soke, using two swords.

Tosei Ryu

Japanese Stick-fighting using the tanjo, an effective martial arts also for self defense.


Samurai Kids

Stick- and swordfighting for children in Köln, an early introduction to the world of martial arts.

Samurai Kids

Welcome to the Tenshinkai Dojo Köln

Martial arts school for Mugai Ryu Iaido & Kenjutsu in Köln

The Tenshinkai Dojo provides authentic Mugai Ryu Iaido & Kenjutsu, and Tosei Ryu Tanjojutsu, from Japan, as well as Kung Fu Toa according to Ostad Sarafnia, Tai Chi Chen style and Samurai Kids under the guidance from Luciano Gabriel Morgenstern. The Tenshinkai Dojo and Mugai Ryu Europe is the official representative of the Mugai Ryu Meishi Ha for the whole of Europe. We are in close contact with Japan, the Honbu Dojo, the Mugai Ryu Foundation – Mugai Ryu Zaidan Houjin and the Mugai Ryu Meishi Ha Soke, Niina Toyoaki Gyokusou in Tokyo and Master Sarafnia in Köln. There are currently 20 dojos in Europe under his guideance.

We offer the following courses:

In our dojo varying types of people of different age join together in training in a respectful and familiar atmosphere. It does not matter, whether you are experienced and physically in shape or untrained and daring to take the very first steps in martial arts. Whether you are just looking for some balancing from everyday life or wish to train professionally or even want to open your own school. We will teach you according to your personal needs.

Mugai Ryu Iaido Köln - Tenshinkai Dojo


Mugai Ryu Iaido and Kenjutsu

Japanese Swordfighting

Mugai Ryu

Mugai Ryu Iaido is the essence of Japanese sword fighting and a way of the Zen. Plain, clear beauty and efficiency. Mugai Ryu Iaido contains no superfluous or pointless movements, every movement has a deeper and practical sense which is also taught.

Mugai Ryu Iaido goes back to the 16th century and is still taught in its pure form. Pure and plain beauty and efficiency without any unnecessary movement as the character of the style. Mugai Ryu is the essence of the japanese sword-fight, the Samurai and a way of Zen. Every technique and movement has a meaning and application, which is also taught to the student.


Mugai Ryu Iaido is “Cutting Iai”, all techniques must be able to cut in the use as well as be applicable in the fight. Nowadays other Iaido schools hardly have this right.

Components of the Mugai Ryu Iaido trainings are Kata, Kumitachi or Kenjutsu and Tameshigiri. So forms, duel and the cutting test.

Tosei Ryu

Japanese Stickfighting

Tosei Ryu - Stockkampf in Köln

Tosei Ryu Tanjojutsu is an extremely effective, Japanese stick-fighting style with the Tanjo, a 90-cm-long wooden stick. The style is suitable purely fight-stressed and thanks to his easy, direct and efficient technique extremely applicative for self-defence purposes. The techniques of Tosei Ryu order themselves also with different everyday objects as for example to an umbrella, belt and many other and the student learns to defend itself against the most common weapons.

Beside the efficient use of the weapon all the understanding for the body, movement, the body-axis and dynamism as well as for distance, fighting and reaction to the opponent is taught. Skilful, agile elusiveness and the use of body weight bring a special strength development with itself, even without being physically sturdy.


Kung Fu Toa

Kung Fu Toa – Unarmed Martial Art in Köln

Kampfsport in Köln

Kung Fu Toa is a special Kung Fu style which focuses on developing mind and body. Being a very diverse martial art Kung Fu Toa comprises of:

  • Form-training
  • Fight-training
  • Breaking-test
  • Meditation
  • Qi Gong

Kung Fu Toa is divided into 7 lines. Each of those lines represent the students rank Grad and are linked to a certain form (Kata), as well as a certain principle of martial art.

Those forms, also called Kata, are complex motion sequences, consisting of attack as well as defense techniques and are common in many martial art styles. The Forms of Kung Fu Toa are long and complex and also present a special character, making them an exception in the world of martial arts.

Sparring is essential for every martial art. Whilst training forms, one works mostly, sparring is done with one or more partners.
By achieving the proper technique and the right understanding, as a result from sparring the foundation for realistic self-defense is provided. Fighting is communication with a partner and a expression of ones self.

Besides the physical aspects of Kung Fu training, cultivating ones mind is also a priority. Following each training we will be meditating together.


Tai Chi Köln

Authentic Qi Gong and Tai Chi in Köln

Tai Chi Köln

Hunyuan Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan is an outstanding inner martial art, which combines the authentic art of Chen-style Tai Chi with Life Energy Cultivation (Qi-Gong) and important elements from Xinyiquan.

This Tai Chi style emphasizes effortlessness and softness of technique, which is carried out spirally and promotes the flow of Qi (Life Energy). Alongside soft forms there are also more dynamic forms, such as the typical Chen-style cannon-fist. Hunyuan Qi Gong is a fundamental component of every training.

Training on a regular basis has multiple positive effects:

  • Inner balance
  • Working off stress
  • Physical and mental flexibility and softness
  • Improvement of motor skills
  • Better power of concentrationt
  • Extensive regeneration of mind and body
  • Increase in creativity
  • Steady healthiness
  • Prevention and easing of chronic sicknesses