Mugai Ryu Europe

The Mugai Ryu Europe Association

Mugai Ryu Europe

Mugai Ryu Europe is a europe-wide association of selected dojos aiming to spread authentic japanese martial arts under Luciano Morgenstern’s and Niina-Soke’s supervision. Mugai Ryu Europe e.V. serves independently in a supporting manner. Mugai Ryu Europe’s headquarter is Tenshinkai Dojo in Köln.

Mugai Ryu Europe

There are currently seventenn dojos from seven countries in the association. The teachers and assistants of the Mugai Ryu Europe Association foster a close and familiar relationship, which even reaches out to Japan and is being passed on to all their students, which is why we meet regularly and several times a year.


We have the following dojos in Europe:



  • SJOK in Groningen under Chris De Jongh
  • Kochokai in Amsterdam / Haarlem under Arjan Tervoort


  • Iaido Academy Italia in Rome under Maurizio Feliziani
  • Zabuza Dojo in Valcanetta under Flavio Feliziani
  • Dojo del Kami in Cerveteri under Roberto Frazzetta
  • Mushin Dojo in Cosenza under Gain Piero Costabile




    • Inyoshin Dojo in Birmingham under David Jackson
    • Kochokai Dojo in Westcliff under David Barrington


      • Taka Budo Dokokai in Saskatchewan under Chris de Feijter

Mugai Ryu Europe